Methotrexate (MTX)

Methotrexate, or MTX, is a common chemotherapy drug used to slow or stop the growth of cancerous cells. While it’s highly effective for chemotherapy, it is also highly toxic and can cause a number of serious side effects including mucositis, bruising and bleeding, breathing issues, liver damage, neutropenia, and more.

Methotrexate may be administered orally, intrathecally, or intravenously. Because of its toxicity, it is important for non-patients (particularly children and pregnant women) to avoid contact with the drug directly, as well as with bodily fluids of those currently taking it. For instance, if your CK is currently receiving MTX, always wear gloves when changing diapers.

Methotrexate is often administered intrathecally during all frontline phases, and as a high-dose IV (HD MTX) during Interim Maintenance.

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