Mucositis is a painful side effect of certain chemotherapies, where the mucous membranes of the digestive tract become inflamed and ulcerated. Oral mucositis is the most common form for cancer patients, resulting in blisters, sores, and bleeding of the mouth, tongue and throat. This condition makes it difficult to eat or sleep, increases risk of infection, and poses other risks.

Mucositis frequently occurs in leukemia patients as a result of the four rounds of high-dose methotrexate during Interim Maintenance, but may occur at other times as well. Mucositis is typically treated with rinses, such as Magic mouthwash; it will usually resolve itself given time itself as long as the patient remains free of infections, gets plenty of liquids and rest.

Some oncologists recommend Healios, to help prevent and treat oral mucositis. Healios is available for free for many patients.

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