My CK is running a fever. What do I do?

The short answer: when in doubt call your on-call nurse, always. The worst that can happen is they tell you everything is fine.

Longer answer: every oncology unit has slightly different rules for what constitutes a fever and what to do when a CK has one. For instance, my CK’s hospital requires us to call in for:

  1. A temperature of 101.3F or higher even once, OR
  2. A temperature of 100.4F to 101.2F three times in 24 hours (taken at least 2 hours apart)

Your hospital likely has slightly different rules, so please follow your own doctor’s guidelines.

Fevers are a potential sign of infection, which leukemia patients are particularly at risk of given their compromised immune systems. High temperatures may also be a side effect of chemo, but infections must be ruled out. So please, when in doubt, call your oncology team!

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